UX Researcher | Founder of Learn UX Seattle | Dive Bar Karaoke Star


b. 1986, HK.


Hi! I’m Leo

I do UX Research and Strategy in Seattle, run my Learn UX Seattle Meetup, hang out at divey karaoke bars, and generally do ENFP things.


Three of my favorite things:

  1. hearing the unique stories people tell,

  2. learning something new everyday, and

  3. creative problem-solving.

(I still can’t believe I get paid to do all of my favorite things)

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Leo worked for us for several months doing user research on a complex, enterprise process in regulation technology. I was impressed by his ability to quickly get up to speed on a complicated, abstract problem space comprised of many disparate tools and processes. He’s the ultimate people person, a great connector, and a lot of fun to travel with.
— Peter Stern, Partner and Head of Design at Blink UX
Leo combines a rare easy-going collaboration style with a passion & tenacity to understand even the most complex & challenging domains. He’s a pleasure to work with.
— Damon van Vessem, Principal Designer at Blink UX
I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Leo when we were both at Impinj. Leo was first brought in as a temporary consultant, but soon his sharp wit, his keen eye, soft skills and most importantly his ability to follow and find the roots of issues resulted in the company offering him a permanent position. I worked with Leo as he reviewed and designed the next generation of Impinj User experience along with his team, and have always been in awe of his professionalism, speed, and ability to lead and follow at the same time. Leo is the best addition to any UX team, I recommend him wholeheartedly for any company that wants to serve their customers the best way possible.
— Reza Alemy, Senior Healthcare Architect at Impinj
I had the pleasure of working with Leo at Impinj. Leo is a consummate professional and excellent at what he does. As a user experience researcher at Impinj, he really knew how to design and develop research methodologies on how our customers used products and drove that feedback into the product management team, which we valued immensely. He goes above and beyond and voluntarily helped me with a developer API usage survey that I was working on (which had nothing to do with his UX research job). He is extremely collaborative and any company needing his skills would be luck to have him on board!
— Satya Kommini, Platform Product Manager at Impinj
It was a joy working with Leo! He fit right in, joining our team as a strategist in the middle of a project. Leo was able to hit the ground running. His enthusiasm every day working with our team was infectious and helped propel the team when it was needed most. I had the opportunity to work with Leo directly on planning tests involving prototypes the team had created. He brought a fresh point of view and added to our collective output. I highly recommend Leo.
— Nick Pollock, Senior UX Designer at Smashing Ideas